Our Digitization Services



Digitization offers great opportunities for SMEs. Binarypark allows you to grab them. By using digital technologies and data, we create additional added value for you and your customers, and increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your processes.


Binarypark accompanies and supports SMEs in the various phases of the digitization process.


  • Search for suitable funding programs
  • Preparation and application, e.g. for EU programs

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Digitization Strategy

  • Taking stock
  • Analysis of digitization needs and potential along the value chain
  • Goal setting and recommendations for action

Digital Infrastructure Platform

  • Building a (cloud) infrastructure as a scalable, flexible basis
  • Migration of existing applications to the new infrastructure
  • Planning, setting up and operating new application scenarios (e.g. Internet of Things, mobile workplace / home office)
  • Continuous integration of existing systems into the cloud infrastructure

Digitization and Optimization of the Value Chain

  • Implementation of identified digitization projects
  • Integration of existing partners
  • Update, conversion or development of new business and service models
  • Digitization of customer interaction through omni-channel strategies, mobile business processes and digital evaluation of customer information

Education, Training and Digital Corporate Culture

  • Training of employees in the new, digitized processes and applications
  • Promotion of the digital mindset and expansion of digital skills at all company levels